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Website Design

As more and more businesses depend partially or fully on their online presence to sell their products and services, website design is gaining more and more importance. A business website serves as its display window and, like a good or bad display window, can automatically draw customers to take a closer look or turn them off with one glance. Maximizing your website to look great, be user friendly, efficient and have a speedy loading time is therefore of utter importance.
As answer to businesses need for a good website and other web services, IT companies providing custom web design services are cropping up.
Web development is however evolving in such a fast pace with hundreds of technologies involved that many small web design companies find that they can not handle all the job orders. Because of this, more and more web design companies are actually relying on outsourcing to handle the load and cut their expenses at the same time. Without access to the manpower, skills and expertise provided by outsourcing, many web design companies will find themselves unable to take on many projects and contracts resulting to a significant loss in revenue.
Web design and development companies can handle outsourcing two ways. One way is to set up a business with manager but with all the other labor fully outsourced. Another way is to simply outsource projects or specific parts of projects that might pose as a problem for the company or that the company couldnt handle because of its present workload. However, much a company depends on outsourcing, one thing is for sure, it is that the company gets to save money whenever they outsource.
Web designers cost around $75 to $125 per hour. Outsourcing saves lots of money since the rates are usually on a per job or per page basis instead of an hourly basis. This per job and per page basis usually includes all the custom graphics design, animations, editing, enhancing, Java applets, and other features needed. This is a big deal since specialized jobs will entail additional expense. For example, paying a graphics expert can cost as much as $80 per hour.
Now, if a client wants to have some flash animation on his website it could cost up to a few hundred dollars just to create that one animation. This will increase the project expense and thus be an additional cost to the companys customer. On the other hand, companies can save as much as 80% on labor costs when it is fully outsourced. This is possible since salaries in the countries where jobs are outsourced are usually dismally low compared to salaries in even what is seen as cheap labor businesses is seen as a good paying job by the designers. This is important since being satisfied with the compensation affects the quality of work. Not only can businesses expect low costs in outsourcing but quality work as well.
Another advantage of outsourcing is the additional business control it provides. Although cost is still the main benefit of outsourcing, an increased control and a marked increase in business processes is very important.

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